Working in an economically challenged country like Bangladesh, where manufacturing is often the first step on the way out of poverty, we value and take pride in the contributions we make towards developing better social and environmental standards. From air-conditioned factories, nutritious meals, and health checks we provide a safe and clean environment for our associates. We lead the industry by rewarding our workforce, paying over industry standards to become an employer of choice.


Our people are our future.

Our people are our future. Our workforce is diverse in ethnicity and culture. We are proud of how we assist them to grow and thrive in their everyday work to become our future leaders. An example of how we cater to this diversity is evident in our Jordan facility. We produce five different meal cuisines that cater to different nationalities. We also provide digital payment of wages, nutritious meals with fortified rice and have implemented several programs including “Her project” and “Better Works”. 


Leading the way in sustainability, we have made a sizeable investment in nano bubble technology, bio-chemical water treatment plants, laser, ozone and advanced washing and dying equipment.
This is monitored by EIM Environmental Impact Measurement software and has enabled us to save water and improve our efficiency. Our goals for the coming years are ambitious. Reimaging the impact our products create on our planet is paramount to our agenda.


With the use of solar panels and generating energy from renewable sources, providing our workforce with electric buses and planting trees on 80% surplus lands we aim to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.


We will reduce global carbon omission by 35.38 MT from 2019 to 2029.